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Griffin and Sabine Site
This is a wonderful site filled with images from Nick Bantock’s collection of beautiful books. His popular collection, the Griffen and Sabine Trilogy potrayed the correspondence of two mysterious and creative souls through the offering of their postcards and letters with in these books themselves. His images combine illustration, painting, collage, and found objects to create mysterious narratives.

John Tilton Pottery
When I find myself pondering the meaning of crafting in this day and age, I come to the chapel of John Tilton’s porcelain. Renewal, elegance and grace are just a few of the things to be bestowed upon the viewers of his gallery.
Simply put, his work is stunning.

The Secret Garden
Albert Richards has been creating amazing secret views of flowers and plants through radiograph technology, also known as X-rays. His website contains some of the remarkable images from his 1990 book, The Secret Garden- 100 Floral Radiographs.

Redstone Studios
Handmade personal maps are what this website is about. This studio is dedicated to creating custom maps that are indeed works of art.
“WABI-SABI is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional.” Not only that, it’s a beautiful site.
Amazingly complex, beautiful, layered, textured music with a website as exciting and provoking as their songs.

Dave McKean
Mysterious, lush, and full, the art of Dave McKean has graced many popular facets my culture. Largely known for his Sandman art, this is an artist who always has a trick up his sleave. Enjoy!

Betsy Wolfston
Betsy is one of my favorite artists who works in ceramics. She is a Eugene artist who is well known for her tile work in dowtown Eugene and in the new Law School library.

Fara Shimbo’s Crystalline Resource Page
Fara has taken her scientific mind and applied it to this world of beauty… coming out on top as a glaze testing fiend. Check out her colorant table chart- it’s stunning.

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