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artwork by Jocelyn McAuley           Blue Nuclei Represented at: Artists Register Wooloo  

Jocelyn McAuley

My education in art began with my first classes at the Universityof Oregon’s Craft Center, seven years ago. Since then I have received my BS inBiology and am working on campus in the Westerfield Lab. My interests lie within creating an artistic expression for my love of science, and continuing to dabble in the making […]

Links – inspiration

Griffin and Sabine Site This is a wonderful site filled with images from Nick Bantock’s collection of beautiful books. His popular collection, the Griffen and Sabine Trilogy potrayed the correspondence of two mysterious and creative souls through the offering of their postcards and letters with in these books themselves. His images combine illustration, painting, collage, […]

Ceramics Curriculum

This is a round up of information gathered from the Clayart Room during NCECA 2003. These syllabi have been donated to help those in need of curriculum ideas. If you have further ideas to contribute, please contact me. We’re looking for ceramic class syllabi to help bring ideas to those who teach ceramics. This includes […]